Intellectual Property (IP) Pipeline

The IP Pipeline project is developing a sustainable Intellectual Property Pipeline process, which will increase early stage interaction between potential business investors and universities and academics in Wales, in order to provide a more market and business orientated approach to research.

This approach should lead to a more successful take up of research by industry and importantly accelerate the commercialisation process and cross the “valley of death” leading to the creation of new or improved products, processes or services.

IP Pipeline explained

This project is an extension of a prior Academics for Business (A4B) Innovative Action Programme feasibility study, which has identified the opportunity for business angels and other informal investors to work with Universities and academics in developing early stage IP / research / ideas.

By developing a pipeline which includes business angels and informal investors at various possible stages of the IP commercialisation process, it is planned that business angels and informal investors will act as conduits between universities and the market to maximise the utilisation benefits for all parties involved.

Business Angels therefore have the opportunity to invest in IP / research opportunities, developing that opportunity with the academic and university, taking that opportunity to market, developing the IP exploitation strategy, sharing in the financial returns, and in the longer term contributing to University research priority setting to build new opportunities.