Domestic Abuse of Disabled Women in Wales


This is an eight month research project funded by the Welsh Assembly Government’s 'New Ideas Social Research Fund’.

Disability Wales, Welsh Women’s Aid and University of South Wales have come together to investigate the experiences of disabled women living with domestic abuse.

The research aims to fill an almost total knowledge gap relating to a cohort of Welsh society who experience multiple discrimination and social exclusion: disabled women who have experienced, or are experiencing, domestic abuse (DA).

Disabled women can fall through the gaps of service provision, because mainstream domestic abuse services may not have the resources to deal with the specificities of abuse against disabled women, while few organisations of and for disabled people consider dealing with domestic abuse to be part of their remit. National and local policies and practice omit appropriate measures to ensure disabled women receive the right level of support at the right time. Disabled women are perceived to be less capable and an easy target and are therefore likely to be more vulnerable to DA, which kills 2 women every week in England and Wales and affects 1 in 4 women at some point during their lifetime.

In the UK, the only large-scale piece of research into DA and disabled women was an England-only project, undertaken by Women’s Aid Federation England in 2007. [1] This found that disabled women were twice as likely to experience abuse compared to non-disabled women, but that there were far fewer services available to them than for non-disabled women.

Aims and objectives

A key purpose of the research is to inform, influence and make recommendations for policy and service development in Wales. We also hope to identify, examine and disseminate examples of good practice and policy across Wales, the UK and the EU.

  • To examine the number of disabled women experiencing DA in Wales.
  • To identify barriers that disabled women experience when seeking help and support.
  • Produce short case studies allowing the voices of disabled women who have experienced DA to be heard.
  • To ascertain the awareness of available DA support amongst disabled women, and to increase awareness.

Further information will be made available shortly. If you would like to find out more about this research project and/or are keen to contribute your own views/experiences please contact: tel: 029 20887325

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Other Partners

The University of South Wales will be working alongside Disability Wales and Welsh Women’s Aid throughout this research project.

Disability Wales

Welsh Women's Aid