Research areas

Specialist areas of research currently operate across the spectrum of enterprise. Although staff are aligned to specific research areas, collaboration across the different research units and groups is common.

Women's Entrepreneurship Hub

Women’s Entrepreneurship Hub

The Women’s Entrepreneurship Hub is a female orientated research and consultancy unit based in the Division of Enterprise and Economic Development at the Glamorgan Business School. WEH has expertise in female and social entrepreneurship activity.

IP Pipeline Project

Intellectual Property Pipeline

The IP Pipeline project is developing a sustainable Intellectual Property Pipeline process, which will increase early stage interaction between potential business investors and universities and academics in Wales, in order to provide a more market and business orientated approach to research.

Welsh Enterprise Institute

Domestic Abuse of Disabled Women in Wales

Disability Wales, Welsh Women’s Aid and University of South Wales have come together to investigate the experiences of disabled women living with domestic abuse. The research aims to fill an almost total knowledge gap relating to a cohort of Welsh society who experience multiple discrimination and social exclusion.