About us

Our Mission

The purpose of the centre is to provide individuals, institutions, communities and governments with a dynamic, robust and wide-ranging knowledge base for shaping and participating in enterprise and economic development policy and practice.

Our Aims

In order to deliver on our primary aim the following key priorities have been identified for the Centre for Enterprise:

  • Explore and promote entrepreneurial behaviours in different contexts (e.g. public, private, individual and organisational) by examining the nature of change, sources of complexity and uncertainty and encouraging an appropriate entrepreneurial response.
  • Focus on developing and embedding entrepreneurial values across the university and beyond
  • Establish and develop a Women’s Entrepreneurship Hub which will play a significant role in driving forward the women’s entrepreneurship research agenda and the area of women’s entrepreneurship education in Wales and beyond
  • Identify and disseminate emerging trends, markets and best practice in the commercial exploitation of knowledge and technology and work closely with key stakeholders to identify and develop a research agenda which will inform policy development in the field of technology commercialisation
  • Develop the leadership and management capacity of individuals, businesses and regions to meet the demands of the knowledge based and social economy

The Centre for Enterprise will provide greater opportunities for individuals and organisations to better cope with, understand and meet the challenges of an increasingly complex and uncertain world. It will also continue to contribute to and inform policy and promote entrepreneurship as an alternative and viable career option.